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Tidey & Co resolve Solicitor's costs dispute

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Tidey & Co has obtained a favourable result for their client in a very aggressive cost dispute.

Managing Director Kyle Tidey stated "I spent the early parts of my career signing off Solicitor's invoices therefore I had a good grasp of these matters . Also, I think this is where the combination of our commercial and legal knowledge helps assess cases".

Tidey & Co were able to reach a resolution prior to any hearing saving their client exposure to a five-figure sum.

Kyle Tidey continued "we were up against a big firm. As we all know big firms have a lot of money and this can intimidate clients however we felt our client was correct and the law favoured their argument. The matter was settled and so we were not able to test our argument but our client was happy and that's what matters to me". In terms of key learns Kyle said " it's the same old story really, bigger is not always better and any client need to be aware that international law firms will be expensive. It depends what you're trying to achieve".

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