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Tidey & Co open unique international e-cigarettes team

Tidey & Co’s e-cigarettes team opens for business on 2 January 2022. The team will be advising on the applicable regulatory framework for e-liquids, CBD and other nicotine products.

Vape Law

These services are in addition to the extensive trademark disputes Tidey & Co have been engaged on over the past several years. The team consists of a medical professional with over 30 years’ experience in the CBD market and a nicotine compliance specialist.

Our track record includes:

Defending e-cigarette manufacturer against international tobacco company

Defending e-cigarette brand against a global retailer

Defending e-liquid brand against a leading soft drink company

Protecting leading vape company’s brand against nefarious third-party consortium

Passing off actions

International sales of goods disputes (China, India and Africa)

Please contact for more information.

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