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Tidey & Co obtains gets a result against another famous sports club

Tidey & Co has recently obtained a favourable result against another substantial sports club in England. This case concerned a contract dispute against a regional law firm and experts in Sports Law. Managing Director Kyle Tidey said “I was quite bullish on this one from the outset. However, I think it wasn’t us that won this one, it was their lawyers that lost it. It was a drawn-out affair but in reality, could have been wrapped up without the need to litigate as such. Again, I put it down to the combination of our commercial knowledge and contract law knowledge. I am particularly happy about this result as we were up against a firm who had ex-sports professionals in their department, however I am glad we took the case and dealt with it”.

If you are in a dispute with a sports club, please email Please note we do not accept instructions from sports clubs.

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