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Tidey & Co obtain £28,000 from a company claiming for have “no assets”

Tidey & Co has obtained £28,000 from company claiming for have “no assets”. This case was transferred from well-known law firm who advised our client would obtain £10,000 at best. Kyle Tidey said “this is not a case of they are wrong, and we are right. The previous firm just didn’t know how to use the procedures available against unconscionable defendants. We’ve operated against many unconscionable defendants and so this type of case was right up our street”.

As with any proceedings like this, they take time. Tidey & Co has demonstrated again that they can recover money where other firms either can’t or won’t. The difference is our extensive experience dealing with unconscionable defendants and our ability to stay one step ahead.

If a company owes you money and you’ve been told to write it off contact us at It is more likely than not we’ll get it.

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