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Tidey & Co bats away another trademark infringement claim

Updated: Apr 30

Tidey & Co has defended another trademark infringement case against a prominent and highly regarded IP law firm and leading consumer brand. This was a technical dispute in which the representative for the consumer brand prepared extensive evidence at very short notice. Such tactics are common with some of the larger firms who often try to intimidate their rivals. This dispute lasted approximately six months and the opposing law firm was relentless in their approach and tactical diversions.

Managing Director Kyle Tidey commented “We met the client and felt we’d get the result. Having been against many big brands in the past we knew what to expect. Importantly, we knew how to properly prepare our client’s case and ensure their interests were protected. I would not say the other side’s intention was to intimidate. However, if it was it did not work, and such tactics will never work with us. Any firm that tries to play that game may as well stay in bed”.

Tidey & Co is eager to engage in more IP disputes against large law firms. If you have an IP dispute and need help, please email If we can’t help we will help you find a firm that can.

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