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Tidey & Co obtains favourable settlement in employment dispute

Updated: Aug 11

Tidey & Co has obtained an extremely favourable settlement for a female director in her dispute against her employer. Director Kyle Tidey commented "we do not typically take on disputes of this nature. We have always focused on providing assistance to businesses, however upon reading the papers, I felt compelled to assist. I am not trying to give the impression that it was "Tidey & Co" to the rescue because that was not the case. Our client was a very capable businesswomen but this had visibly taken its toll on her". Someone had to help and I thought we were the law firm for the job.

Upon instruction Tidey & Co compiled establish robust documentation used to assist their client. Kyle Tidey commented " Prior to taking on the matter the case looked destined for a tribunal which is not nice for anybody to have to go through. We assisted our client through a formal grievance procedure which, in my view, resulted in a financial resolution equal to that which an employment tribunal would award. From instruction to settlement was three weeks".

Reflecting on this matter, Kyle Tidey said "it was a genuinely pleasure to assist a well-established business women in this case and we are very pleased she received the reward she deserved. It also demonstrates that our business model works".

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